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KALABASHI CONCERT is a packed event with choral music renditions and an African stage musical as the highlight. The first part will feature four choirs performing sacred, patriotic, and folksongs by Gme/Ghanaian composers. The musical, which is the highlight, will feature the sensational Harmonious Chorale. The third part will be the highlife time, where danceable choral tunes popular in the Ghanaian choral scene will be rendered by selected choirs featuring that night.


Play and Music by: George Mensah Essilfie

This is a five-act stage musical with a traditional African setting. Akotam is a fictional Akan village. The imaginary village concept for the stage inspired the story and the compositions.

In the story, Kamuta, the wicket giant, captures Abokuma, the beautiful princess of Akotam. Will the secret to saving the princess from the terrors of Kamuta lie with the rich, the wise or the strong. In search of this secrete to rescue the princess, the spirit of camaraderie is reawakened among the inhabitants. Akotam, once described as “the village with a music soul” and now without its passion, gets revived once more.

Songs of Akotam is an original story by George Mensah Essilfie. The play comprises 12 songs, the majority of which are original compositions. Some are folk songs while others are founded on traditional motifs and tunes. The exotic harmonies used in the musical are enough to characterize the musical as a true African stage musical. Some melodies are pentatonic (5 notes), and some are tetratonic.