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As a full-service creative and event management company, we are authorized to oversee projects, events, and brands. Eagle Eye Projects and Events was founded out of a desire and passion to provide customers with improved and more rewarding experiences via the tailored application of expert project management knowledge, skills, tools, and approaches. We can select from the best creative approach for your project thanks to our wide range of skills and combined knowledge, and we can also customize our services to meet your needs, resulting in an amazing immersive trip with you.

Project Management

Project management is the process of overseeing a team’s activity to complete all project objectives within the established parameters.

Eagle Eye Projects & Events is involved in the planning and coordination of a company’s resources to advance the accomplishment of a certain job, event, or obligation. The resources managed include people, money, technology, and intellectual property, and it may involve a one-time project or continuing work. Read More…

Our unmatched industry experience, and range of event products and services make us the preferred partner to coordinate your event. No matter the size of your event, you can feel confident you’re in highly capable hands.

We’re in the business of creating unforgettable event experiences. We love events!
Find out how we can turn yours into an extraordinary experience. Contact Us Now…

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Event Planning

At Eagle Eye Projects and Events, we recognize how imperative it is for your event to run flawlessly. Hence, we do all we can to ensure that is the case!

We’re in the business of creating unforgettable event experiences. We love events!  Find out how we can turn yours into an extraordinary experience.

We design and deliver events that are sure to improve business performance, motivate, reward, excite & inspire, always ensuring that you are engaging with your audience in the best possible manner.

Our team brings creativity, a stylistic air, meticulous planning and detailed logistical scheduling to every event. Book Event Now..

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The goal of brand activations is to get consumers to act. And that is what we do. We design campaigns that bring your brand to life via brand interactions and experiences that form long-term emotional connections with your consumers. Some of the Brand activations we do include: Consumer promotions, Experiential Marketing, Digital campaigns and Shopper Marketing Sampling campaigns. Our designs deliver measurable results, with a focus on ROI. We Cover the Full Scope of Interior Design from Design Schematic to Design Development.


Creating conversation and a richer experience across multiple channels and touch points. Building purpose, creating direction and adding value, where design becomes an asset not a cost. Contact us now…

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Reputation Management

We manage the public profiles of leaders in business, politics and philanthropy. We support global leaders in managing their public profiles, online and offline.

In order to meet the individual and corporate goals of prominent leaders and public figures, we provide award-winning reputation management services.

Graphics, recorded or live videos, and interactive elements are all options. The event can then be streamed to any viewing platform, such as Zoom, a website for a group or business that uses YouTube or a custom video player. So get in touch with us if you need assistance or support for streaming a forthcoming event.


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Recent changes surrounding live events sees us now also designing and producing a large number of ‘virtual’ events for our customers. These range from simple webinars to live streaming events. From a live event perspective, we have the equipment to offer you very cost-effective solutions whether you are planning an indoor or outdoor event.

We are a skilled and cutting-edge digital production firm that was established in 2007. We have created innovative methods for producing and streaming online and virtual events from our base in Ghana, which also houses our production and technical offices.

We possess knowledge, dependability, and authority.
We specialize in providing businesses, respected organizations, and charity with premium live streaming and event videography services.

Any event, whether online, offline, hybrid, or in person, can be broadcast.

The three types of online events in which we excel are Zoom Meetings and Webinars, virtual events and conferences, and hybrid events.

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Live Streaming

Our attention is on the event audience’s experience and levels of involvement. Our tools give you countless options, ranging from fully produced productions employing Green Screen Technology and virtual sets to managed online meetings.

We send events via whichever streaming service is most effective for your company, including Teams, Zoom, and Vimeo, in addition to creating custom websites to host events.

Our company produces interesting virtual and hybrid events with the help of Eagle Eye Projects & Events.

We create exciting Virtual and hybrid events in the metaverse, connecting and being present.

Integrative environments:  To raise brand awareness, foster a feeling of community, or offer a premium service to a select group of individuals, we stream your events live online.

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Eagle Eye Projects & Events Rentals

We take great pride in creating the ideal event for you and your guests to enjoy. Our design team manages every step of the design process, including floral arrangements, placeholders, lighting design, and more. We strive to realize your distinctive vision at our design center while providing a variety of design possibilities.

Turning your vision into reality while infusing each aspect of decor with the right colors, textures and movement is our passion. We will work with you to make sure your events are exactly as you have envisioned.

We offer everything in party products to make your next special event a success, from Tents to Lighting, Bars, Flooring, LED TV, Quality Cameras, Linens & More..!

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