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George Mensah Essilfie Launches SingAfriChoral
SingAfriChoral is a musical non-profit with a bias towards the exploration, advancement and promotion of Ghanaian and African folk themes and music.
Founded in 2019 by George Mensah Essilfie, a Ghanaian art music composer currently based in Ohio in the USA, the organisation is the fulfilment of his desire to portray his rich African cultural heritage through his music. Essilfie’s own body of work bears testament to his life-long desire to make great art out of the authentic expression of the African identity.
George Mensah Essilfie grew up in Swedru in the Central Region, surrounded by folk, urban and Christian influences. Being raised in a musically endowed family encouraged him to pursue his present career.

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1989 – 2023

In 1989, he founded the Winneba Youth Choir, which grew to become one of Ghana’s most successful choral groups, a legacy that helped birth numerous heavyweights in the industry today, including James Varrick Armaah of Harmonious Chorale.
His organisation, which will be outdoored in a few days, intends to carve a niche for itself as a facilitator of music that is explicitly African. Essilfie believes that the African art music community is “part of a bigger world and can’t live in isolation.” The task of ensuring the African voice is heard is not a singular effort. “Some have made great efforts, and some are still trying. SingAfriChoral seeks to culminate these efforts.” he said in a statement to Choral Music Ghana.





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