A 70th birthday, a platinum jubilee as some call it, is no small feat and most definitely calls for a celebration!

Eagle Eye Projects and Events
was there to make that happen. From event conceptualization, to design, to execution and everything in between, we made sure our client had a great time commemorating this major milestone in comfort, with smiles and great memories.

Seventy years means hundreds of memories, which we made sure to showcase with a touching slideshow set to music, and an in-house hand-drawn portrait of the birthday celebrant. Being an intimate event, we featured details that would be a keepsake to be watched over and over again, long after the party ended. No one was left behind! It was quite a sweet moment having online guests join from all over the world to share this experience and send in their well-wishes for the celebrant.

Everything sparkled at this stunning event; colourful and vibrant backdrop, elegant décor, perfect lighting, all mixed with the beaming smiles of guests! No photo-worthy moment was missed and truly, every moment was captured!


A decade? What an incredible journey! If it were a marriage anniversary, we sure would have gifted our client PMI-Ghana something made of tin or aluminum which symbolize the strength and resilience of the partnership.

Anyhow, that gift was translated into organizing a seamless event for a great media brief session at the Alisa Hotels. Eagle Eye Projects and Events provided livestreaming solutions that flawlessly catered for their large virtual audience. Members of the team took turns to interact with the press and share some insights about the organization, as well as respond to their questions.

It was indeed a significant anniversary for PMI-Ghana as they chalked this milestone.  A perfect time to reflect on they passed years and make plans and resolutions for the upcoming.

And Eagle Eye Projects and Events was there to help make that happen and made it accessible to their audience far and near.


Sometimes it’s the subtle touches of fun and engagement throughout the calendar that make the biggest difference with your overall office culture: making it healthier and richer! In current times, the use of livestreaming services which makes it easier to engage a global audience further makes this pursuit all so simple and ensures that no one is left behind!

That is what GIZ-Ghana sought to achieve during its recent hybrid event; to leverage time spent with their team, engaging them and shaping a stronger more connected community within their organization.

And we, Eagle Eye Projects and Events was tasked to ensure that became the reality, with respect to providing livestream services to cater for the virtual audience. We also provided custom décor and other logistics to create a fantastic outdoor scenery for this event.

The event was great, with both in-person and virtual audiences having an immersive experience with seamless interactions.

A happy client makes us a fulfilled service-provider! And that was the story.

Eagle Eye Projects and Events – PASSION. PERFORMANCE. EXCELLENCE.